How can RCS help me?

Interested in exactly how can RCS help you achieve your energy saving goals in both domestic or commercial settings? Get in touch through the button below!

What services can RCS provide?

Domestic EPCs

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law when a property is built, sold or rented - to make sure you're compliant, get contacting us today!

Air Tightness Testing

This measures the amount of air that escapes through gaps or air leakage paths throughout a building. The more airtight a building is, the less energy will be wasted through leakage.

Commercial EPCs

Similar to a Domestic EPC, these are required by law for the same purposes. However, a property must display an EPC if your property is above a certain size or if you're open to the public.

Retrofit Assessment

The first step in the process is undergoing an assessment of the property where one of our assessors will perform a full audit before passing the project to a designer to design the solution.

Retrofit Installation

Once designed, our installers will get to work on installing the improvement measures to the property once the client is in full agreement regarding the measures proposed.

Retrofit Coordination

For each retrofit project to adhere to PAS2035:2019 specifications a coordinator must be assigned to manage the project and assure work quality remains compliant.

Let us help you achieve your energy goals, together.

We specialise in helping with domestic and commercial energy saving measures to help you achieve your energy saving goals. From assessment right through to sign off, RCS can help you on any property type. Contact us today for more information.